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Suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be quite difficult as one’s thoughts force one to repeat an action impulsively until it feels “just right.” Or those same thoughts make you avoid something so extensively that you have a fear of it for no adequate reason. People who has OCD may not know they have, so they may never see psychologists. Here are seven Hollywood celebrities who suffer from OCD.


Megan Fox

Megan Fox, who is always keeping the world watching everything she says and does, admitted she has a fear of germs. But this fear of germs is more than a regular distaste. This extends to public restrooms and using public silverware. She says she doesn’t know how many mouths have touched the silverware in a restaurant. As for public restrooms, when a toilet is flushed, germs shoot into the air. Both of these are hazardous and keep Megan Fox from participating in these behaviors.

When asked about her OCD, she said the following: “This is a sickness. I have an illness; this is not okay anymore.” However, Megan Fox rebounded somewhat after the birth of her son, Noah. Giving birth is a very messy process. However, when Noah was born, she took her son right to her chest. She says she doesn’t want him to fear germs as she does, and she will always love her son, no matter what. Though Megan Fox’s struggle with OCD has been very difficult, she seems to be on an upward curve now.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz also suffers from OCD. She reportedly opens all doors in her home using her elbows. This has caused the polish to be rubbed off the doorknobs from using them this way. Cameron also cleans her home and washes her hands obsessively. Cameron says that she has moved past her OCD now. However, even when it was at its height, she did not allow the OCD to affect her acting.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s OCD requires him to line up his dishes at certain right angles, just so. He also requires specific food in his fridge at all times. Even though his OCD demands him to follow these requirements, he doesn’t allow it to stop him from performing and enjoying life. Justin still enjoys sharing time with his family. He has reached the conclusion that it is not a bad thing to appreciate yourself, quirks and all.

Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel has a very serious case of OCD. How does it affect him? He won’t touch money unless it has been washed. Only fresh sponges can be used to apply makeup on his face, and he won’t touch rails at all. Howie Mandel dislikes shaking hands. You will see he uses the fist bump instead, so that he can avoid as many germs as possible. He describes OCD as the “ownership of irrational fears”. Something just gets into his head, and he can’t move forward until he has taken a time out to deal with the fear.

Sometimes, the fear is so overwhelming that he shuts down and cannot function anymore at that point. Once, Howie checked a lock thirty-two times. He just kept intellectually having to go back and check it. Even when he knew it was locked, he could not get past the thought mentally. It didn’t feel quite right, and he had to keep repeating the behavior, hoping that at some point, it would feel right. Eventually, he slammed his hand against the door, hoping the pain would be a physical reminder that the door was locked.

As a kid, Howie didn’t want to tie his shoes because of his fear of germs. The other kids teased him, not for his fear of germs, but his inability to tie his shoes. He never told them why he refused to tie his shoes. This teasing led to making him feel isolated from the other kids. His childhood was not very happy for that reason. As a parent, he feels super protective over his kids. Watching his baby crawl across the floor was not easy to accept at first. Howie uses his fame from “Deal or No Deal” to raise awareness of the struggles one faces with OCD. He also gives encouragement to others who fight with OCD.

Leonardo DiCaprio

When Leonardo DiCaprio was a kid, his OCD began to show itself as he was walking down the sidewalk. He loved to step on gum marks while also avoiding cracks. At first, it was just a game, but as he became an adult, he realized it was much more serious. In his 2004 movie, The Aviator, he played Howard Hughes, a character with OCD. DiCaprio understood the character and was able to effectively play him. He let himself really play the part. However, after his work with the movie finished, he had even more trouble controlling his OCD tendencies. He had to really work to get back to the point where his OCD did not control him.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry suffers severely from OCD. A quote from her states: “I’m so OCD that I wish the letters OCD were in alphabetical order: CDO.” She obsesses over alphabetical order and likes her clothes to hang a certain way or in a certain order. Katy Perry traces her problem to her childhood. She says as a child that she moved around a lot, not attending much school. This caused her to have a problem reading and affected the way she viewed life. Because her childhood was so out of control, she believes that she developed OCD, as a way to counter the instability she experienced.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Hewitt’s OCD causes her to have a problem with open doors. She simply cannot rest until all the doors in her house have been closed. This includes doors like the front door and bathroom door, all the way down to cabinet doors. She must check every door before she is able to sleep. When asked how her OCD tendencies started, Hewitt answered that she believes she inherited OCD from her mother. Her mother would count the steps she took. However, Hewitt has dealt well with her OCD and has not let it take over her life.

OCD can be difficult to live with, as demonstrated by these celebrities who range from having uncontrollable OCD to small cases. Instead of throwing the term around thoughtlessly, we should remember that OCD is a very real problem for some people.

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